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Rosebud Salve 0.8 oz

A miracle in a can! Our world famous Rosebud Salve has been a family favorite since 1892.

Our Price: $8.20
Menthol And Ecualyptus Balm 0.8 oz

This cooling, soothing lip salve is an aromatic and exhilarating skin preparation with Menthol and Eucalyptus you are in for a treat!

Our Price: $8.20
Minted Rose Lip Balm 0.8 oz

The cool “Zing” of peppermint! Minted Rose Lip Balm is known for its moisture, gloss, and fresh peppermint taste. It is a blend of "Trade Secret" essential oils and pure peppermint oil.

Our Price: $8.90
Mocha Rose Lip Balm 0.8 oz

Mocha Rose Lip Balm with Vanilla is a blend of essential oils with mocha, vanilla, and chocolate. It is a perfectly delicious lip balm experience.

Our Price: $8.90
Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm 0.8 oz

A blend of wild berry flavors with overtones of honey and vanilla. This emollient lip and body balm evokes the memory of a freshly baked berry pie.

Our Price: $8.90
Smiths Strawberry Lip Balm 0.8 oz

This aromatic lip balm with natural Beeswax and a trade secret blend of strawberry flavor is a favorite of both celebrities and athletes. Strawberry lip balm is as scintillating as strawberry shortcake.

Our Price: $8.90