BotexPharma Green Clay Mask 24 gr




100% Natural Cosmetic    Green Clay Mask

Thanks to its ingredients this mask produces a detoxifying and illuminating action, leaving the skin soft. Suitable for all type of skin in particularly those acne-prone skin. Clay, with its absorbent and remineralizing power, has antioxidant properties for skin aging and performs a healing and disinfectant action, promoting skin regeneration. Green clay has a high absorbency, useful in the treatment of oily, combination and impure skin. The mask, is also indicated against sunburn and rashes caused by the sun, enriched with hyaluronic acid is an elixir that gives the skin a nourished and velvety appearance. To be used with Botexpharma face tonic and crems.


Capacity :

21 gr (5/6 applications)



Detoxifying and illuminating action



Green clay, hyaluronic acid.


How to use:

Mix about 4 grams of powder preferably with Hamamelis water until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. Apply a light stratum and keep on until completely dry. Rinse with warm water. Apply the mask twice a week.

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