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c'est beau... beautiful is    

movement, creativity, strength, simplicity... these are the pillars of our brand and inspire all that we do. whether an athlete or an artist, you all possess these beautiful internal and external gifts. our products and experiences take you through the many different aspects of your life, always keeping these special qualities in mind. 
our sister company, hac, home of the professional hac feminines women's soccer team, was founded in 1872 in europe. the team plays their home matches at the beautiful stade océane in le havre france. learn more about the team and players in 1872zone. 


our founder

lisa versacio is a creator of global lifestyle and fashion brands including west elm and brocade home. a graduate of fashion institute of technology in nyc, lisa started her career in fashion, expanding into home and lifestyle experiences and has always been drawn to building and creating. while spearheading another project, lisa was incubating a concept that was inspired by her young nieces and their circle of friends. they all had one thing in common… they were all strong athletes, specifically soccer players. although most of their free time was consumed with practices, games, tournaments and more practices, they also had many other interests as girls and women. they played hard, but also enjoyed a night out with friends, getting dressed, wearing makeup and jewelry… expressing their femininity. since they were time poor, they leaned toward products that were simple and not fussy… things that fit into their crazy day to day lifestyle. in addition, because they were athletes and needed to rest their bodies in preparation for the next day, their rooms were their sanctuaries. they put a lot of thought into what their personal space looked and felt like to create their home away from home. inspired by watching their crazy schedules and lifestyle, lisa saw an opportunity to bring all of these elements together and make it easy for young women, whether athletes or artists to find everything they needed in one place.

c’est beau1872 is a pure celebration of their lifestyle… simple products that touch upon their most important beauty needs, enhancing their natural beauty, not covering it up. an exclusive collection of bedding and accessories gives them the opportunity to create that special space and make it feel like home. unique, artisan inspired jewelry and a curated apparel collection speak to their ever-moving lifestyle. it all works together and fills that space. lisa launched c’est beau1872’s first retail experience at 1/2 bond st which brings all of these elements together in a new fresh way and will be a place to escape, learn and, of course, shop! come and visit us soon!


the team
c'est beau1872 is run by a team of amazing women with interesting stories and experiences to share. we are you and would love you to share your experiences
with us as well.
our models are not professionals.  they are all c'est beau1872 team members who embody who embody the brand pillars of movement, creativity, strength, and simplicity and have their own stories to share... meet them all here.


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