BotexPharma Massage Oil RELIEF Muscle and Joint Pain Massage Oil 100 ml




100% Natural Cosmetic   Massage Oil RELIEF

Blend of oils for the treatment of contractures and muscles pains. Ideal in case of altered muscle tone and as a natural remedy to relieve pain. Arnica oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties, Tamanu oil acts on wounds, abrasions, sun burns. Hemp oil acts on dry and dehydrated skin and is an excellent anti-aging. Sweet almond oil is a natural remedy for chapped skin ,an excellent emollient product. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties that make it a powerful remedy against pathogens that can attack the epidermis and cause infections. Capsicum oil against  relieves joint and muscle pain, reduces hematomas and relieves inflammation.


Blend of oils for the treatment of contractures and muscle pains.


Arnica oil, sunflower oil, capsicum oil, hemp oil, tamanu oil, sweet almond oil, E. menthol, natural preservative.

How to use: 

Apply to the affected area and massage until absorbed

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