Goldery Duo Jeunesse Goldery





The Goldery Duo consists of the Golden Elixir and the Amethyst Face-Neck Roller. This  combination, which comes from the heart of nature, replenishes the skin and revives its cells.


Usage Tips

Generously apply the Elixir d'Or all over the face and neck with your fingertips. Then massage with the Amethyst Facial Roller for 2-5 mins. Insist on the areas of wrinkles and fine lines.



L'elixir d'Or is a complete anti-aging treatment that provides your skin with an elixir of antioxidants to keep its firmness and prevent your wrinkles. A regular massage with the Amethyst stone will amplify its benefits to restore Radiance, Firmness and Contour to your face.


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