My2Feet Professional Electric Callus Remover+Replacement Disks

$54.50 $79.00



My2Feet Professional Electric Callus Remover+Replacement Disks 

• 9-foot swivel cord with integrated hook 
• Speed Control Dial 
• Air Filter 
• On/Off Indicator Light 
• Comes with 6 Fine and 6 Course File Disks 

Product Description: 
Get smooth skin fast with the My2Feet Professional Electric Callus Remover Now you can power your way to smoother, healthier-looking feet in minutes. This high-powered foot file includes 6 fine and 6 coarse disks. Use the fine attachment to remove mild to dry skin. Use the coarse attachment to help remove corns, rough calluses and hard dry skin. Adjustable speed control allows you to customize your treatment. Caution: Tool rotates very quickly. Start with lowest speed and use with a gentle touch, adjusting pressure and speed as needed. 

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