Plisson 1808 Shaving Bowl





Simplicity and effectiveness for this lather bowl in white porcelain decorated with the Plisson logo. Designed to facilitate the preparation of the lather, it is suitable for shaving soap refills from Plisson and Joris collections. This model, without a lid, is also available in black and white versions. Handmade in Plisson’s workshop in France.


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Gifts, Shaving accessories   





The best moment to shave is in the morning, just after a shower and before breakfast: your hair, consisting mainly of keratin, are softer and easier to cut, and the skin of your face less fragile. Prepare your shaving foam by loading the brush with soap or shaving cream. Use of products called " shaving preparation " is twofold: it boosts hydration of the hair by removing its fat layer (sebum) and secondly, protects your skin from the aggression of the blade.

Your face is beforehand wet (ideally after a shower), quickly place your brush under warm water and lather the soap or a small amount of shaving cream inside the bowl (without crushing the hair) until obtaining a thick and creamy lather. Apply it to your face in circular motions for a minute or two, the time to soften and straighten enough the hair from your beard.



Wash your bowl with soapy water and dry with a towel or soft cloth.


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