Solidu Solid “TRY ME” SET – 4 SHAMPOOS




This set contains:

Solid shampoo EXOTIC “try me”

Solid shampoo BALANCE “try me”

Solid shampoo PINK “try me”

Solid shampoo GRANDMA SAID “try me”


This set includes miniature sizes of our 4 different shampoos, therefore you can test all of them and find which one is the perfect one. You will be able to test miniature sizes of our SOLIDU EXOTIC for all hair types, BALANCE for those with oily hair, GRANDMA SAID for weak hair and PINK for frizzier hair.


Exotically scented shampoo, which provides perfect cleansing with subtle conditioning, leaving your hair feeling refreshed, light and voluminous. Suitable for everyday care of all hair types.

If you cannot go one day without washing your hair, then this shampoo bar is for you! It will thoroughly cleanse and remove excess sebum and pollutants, while at the same time keeping your hair healthy, hydrated and not overly dried out. This shampoo is loaded with natural mango butter, panthenol and an essential oil mix with rosemary.

PINK shampoo is made with peony root powder and ylang-ylang essential oil. Designed for daily care of all hair types, it thoroughly washes and lightly conditions the hair. The hair remains clean, volumized, hydrated and less frizzy.

GRANDMA SAID shampoo makes use of two magical haircare ingredients: stinging nettle and tamanu oil. It intensely moisturizes and conditions, and is perfect for weak hair that needs more volume, restored shine and overall health.



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