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 BotexPharma srl ​​is an Italian company operating in the cosmoceutic, nutraceutical and natural extractions market.

Our research is carried out with various research centers through globally collaborations and synergies.We constantly design, develop and manufacture new products to be placed on the market.

Extract of hemp

BotexPharma focuses on 100% natural products development, from totally vegetable materials, and made with care, to guarantee radiant skin and silky hair.

BotexPharma believes that a cosmetic can be defined as natural when it does not contain substances considered harmful to the dermis but, on the contrary, is made with natural elements similar to our skin, maintaining or improving the hydrolipidic film. Petrolatums are therefore excluded, which are usually used because they are easy to work in extremely cheapper way. These substances are typically used as the fat phase in creams. Also Silicones and petroleum shoud be eliminated from  laboratory production. Petrolatum and silicones are widely used in a multitude of cosmetic products (detergents, creams, hair products, we find them as liquid paraffin, mineral oils, crystalline waxes), give the impression of a silky effect therefore a nice feeling. These substances prevent  skin from breathing and do not allow the necessary oxygen  exchange. They also prevent any beneficial substances present in the cosmetic from skin penetrating. Obviously, all chemical surfactants must also be excluded. In BotexPharma, after a long and meticulous work in our R&D laboratory (research and development), we  created several natural cosmetic lines  which are formulated exclusively with oils, butters, powders and vegetable surfactants that do not alter the pH of the skin and that do not stress it. Our formulations are rich in components that are beneficial to the dermis and are completed with Hamamelis water and hyaluronic acid. All these substances are already contained in our skin or skin-like. For this simple reason, BotexPharma prefers let the customer judges the result obtained beyond many words.