Shipping Information

All orders are processed either the same or next business day, depending upon the day and time your order is received:

    • Same Business Day: Mon-Fri orders received before Noon EST
    • Nex Business Day: Mon-Fri orders received after Noon EST


Shipping Costs will vary depending on which brand's products you are purchasing.

The following brands ship directly from our warehouse in Boca Raton, FL. For orders under $40 you will have multiple transit time options available to you at checkout and you can select the service level and cost that best suits your needs for that order. For orders of $40 or more, we offer FREE Shipping within the Continental United States, for standard 1-3 day delivery:

    • c’est beau
    • Crème Du Loch
    • Evenswiss
    • Eyetitude
    • Happy Paul
    • High End Beauty
    • Kawaii Girl Cosmetics
    • DeSoap Boutique
    • Luxie Beauty
    • Miracle Fruit Oil
    • Rosebud
    • Solidu
    • theBalm
    • When Beauty

The following brand's products will ship from that brand's facilities in their home country and require a flat rate $20 shipping charge per order, per brand. Due to customs issues and to ensure that you are not charged any additional fees for import duties or taxes, your order will ship to our warehouse in Florida, which usually takes about 1 week, and we will in turn immediately ship it to you, via USPS Priority Mail and no additional charge. Over the course of the delivery process you will receive two tracking #'s. The first will be an international tracking # for the product shipping from that brand's home country to our warehouse in Florida. The second will be the USPS Priority Mail tracking number from our warehouse to your provided shipping address.

    • BotexPharma – ships from Italy
    • Faby – ships from Italy
    • Goldery – ships from Morocco
    • Ischia – ships from Italy
    • New Angance – ships from France
    • Plisson 1808 – ships from France
    • Prolife International – ships from Brazil
    • Rahassia – ships from Morocco
    • Shazay – ships from Germany

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - We ship worldwide. Simply select the country, shipping method and cost of your choice at checkout.

    If you need any further assistance or have any additional shipping questions or issues, please email us at