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 Plisson, the world's oldest shaving brush factory, offers the widest range of tufts. We offer 7 hair qualities, 5 in real badger hair, as well as 2 tufts in vegan fibre developed specifically for a superb shaving experience.

                              OUR GENUINE BADGER HAIR:



Excellence and rarity

The "High Mountain White" is characterised by its rarity. This quality of hair is recognized as being the best. The hair is never trimmed: the tip of the hair, called the flower, is kept to offer exceptional softness. 



Quality et Softness

Never trimmed, it is taken from the crest or back of the animal. The "European White" is known for its qualities of flexibility and softness. It is recognizable by its white tips.



Precision et Suppleness

The "European Grey" is more vigorous and firmer than the white hair, it is found on the badger's flank. These qualities, combined with its suppleness, make it one of the most widely used badgers. It allows a very precise shave.



Efficiency and unctuosity

The more common "China Grey" comes from the badger's belly. It allows an effective and tonic shave. This quality of hair preserves the qualities of an excellent badger hairbrush and makes it possible to obtain a rich lather. 



Firmness for thicker skins

The " Pure Black " is ideal for those who like an energetic and tonic brushing, or for people with thicker skins. It offers firmness with spring and good emulsifying power. The black hair which composes it is present on the major part of the animal.



Exfoliating and affordable

The " Russian Grey " is the most affordable of the range of natural hair. It provides a stimulating brushing action that exfoliates the skin profoundly, with its strong and firm bristles. 


                                    OUR VEGAN FIBRES:



Softness for sensitive skin

The " High Mountain " fibre, made of high-tech synthetic fibre, is exceptionally soft and supple. It was designed to mimic the characteristics of the High Mountain White. It is the most suitable tuft for sensitive skin. Assembled by hand and suitable for the vegan lifestyle.



Robust and efficient

Our second fiber developed to be as similar  as possible to pure badger hair. Designed for men who like more invigorating shave, it is particularly resistant to the test of time.