New Angance


The NEWANGANCE adventure began in 2013. Luc CHEUNG, creator of the brand, has worked for more than 10 years for major beauty brands. French and living in China, he is passionate about aesthetics and the search for elegance.

Convinced that cosmetics are an essential ally, he develops effective care rituals that are also capable of supporting women in their quest for more global beauty. Because he has a conviction: beauty is a whole. A face. A look.

An elegance…


At New Angance we want every woman to shine as the woman she wants to be. Because every woman is unique.

A face, a smile, a look, an overall aesthetic...

Elegance is an Art accessible to all, if one is well accompanied, guided and advised.

This accompaniment, at NEW ANGANCE we offer it to you through adapted and complete rituals: they are face & body and in & out, regenerate your beauty and bring out your elegance.

In all serenity and with the greatest freedom.


It is in the heart of these 2 countries that the New Angance brand draws all its inspiration from Elegance.

China and its ideal of pure beauty. France and its sophisticated beauty.

Each country has a cosmetic rich in rituals and unique products. Differences from which the New Angance brand was inspired, but also age-old know-how and remarkable scientific progress. To create an innovative brand, an ambassador brand for women and their elegance.


At New Angance we know that Science and Nature are not opposed. And that is what makes our approach unique.
It is at the heart of the pharmacopoeia that we select some of the powerful natural ingredients of our products. This thousand-year-old expertise advocates their use for preventive and curative effectiveness on health but also on the beauty of the skin.

Imperata Cylindrica, rice oil, aloe vera, … are some examples.

To this natural expertise, we associate Science. An expert look from the angle of proven effectiveness and patented active ingredients. We select those that have demonstrated objectified efficacy both in vitro (on skin cells) and in vivo (on consumer panel): Hyaluronic acid, Actiflow®, Fucogel®, Eyeliss®…

Our scientific laboratory partners are recognized experts in the cosmetics sector.


No transformation process, no artificial acceleration at NEW ANGANCE. Our treatments act to compensate for the natural actions of the skin, to meet essential needs. We know the Biology of the skin perfectly, and its needs over time and the seasons. We act in full respect. Deep rehydration, cell regeneration, surface repair… Our promises of effectiveness go hand in hand with high standards and a single objective: that of elegance.



At New Angance we innovate in our treatments to offer you sensory and effective beauty rituals, which make you rediscover elegance. The elegance of formulas with sensory and unscented touches to adapt to all skin types. The elegance of packaging in noble materials such as glass, beautiful objects for the pleasure of taking care of yourself elegantly.

Our treatments are effective cocktails that enhance the youthfulness of your skin:

Youth Revealing hydrogel mask, a mask derived from Chinese cosmetic rituals, whose 100% natural galenic enriched with active ingredients gives your skin a deep sensation of moisturizing freshness and visible effectiveness in just 20 minutes of break!

Precious Face Cream , a synergistic cocktail of rare ingredients and Chinese pharmacopoeia for precious effects on the skin: 23-carat gold combined with caviar and hyaluronic acid. A unique combination to fill all age-related deficiencies.

Holistic rituals , both face and body but also nutricosmetics, a "beauty from within" so essential to women


Because elegance is essential, our treatments offer you the efficiencies that are also essential to beauty: hydration of the layers of your skin and cell regeneration. Intense, deep and lasting efficiencies.

The secret to beautiful, radiant and visibly younger skin. Perfectly elegant.

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