BotexPharma Nice Face Acne 50 ml




100% Natural Cosmetic    Nice Face


Cosmetic in treatments against acne, sebum-normalizing and smoothing cream face. Useful in the treatment of acne it gives skin a compact appearance and helps reduce excess sebum, oiliness, and redness. Suitable for teenagers and adults. It helps in skin drying also on the neck, chest and back. Suitable for all kind of skin. This cream helps in reducing pimples and blackheads thanks to the use of ingredients that do not damage the skin. The use of niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3, has antioxidant properties and protects skin from free radicals, as well as wheat germ oil rich of vitamin E.



Antioxidants and protects the skin from free radicals



Propylene glicole, salycidic acid, O.E. tea tree, natural preservative.


How to use:

Wash your face property, then apply the serum massaging lightly, wait 15 minutes for complete absorption and proceed with the application of Nice Face Cream. Repeat morning and evening.

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