BotexPharma Room Fragrance 30 gr


Home Fragrance


If you are tired of the usual  air fresheners , here is a product to always have a fragrant home without damaging the environment! You will no longer have to deal with substances that are harmful to the environment and to you and you can have your own personal fragrance.

"The idea of ​​creating a culture of the environment that was incredibly lacking in our world at this time."

A project between culture and style that marks a never casual creative path, to the point of becoming a brand with a very personal soul. Personal like culture, which derives from the experiences of everyone's life. Personal like a perfume, capable of recovering memories. In fact, the BotexPharma line of perfumers are not just a perfume for the home.

You don't need particular bouquets when you have extraordinarily simple and recognizable fragrances, like the unique and non-replicable raw materials offered by nature.

Each fragrance is carefully studied, to be unique and timeless, but also to harmonize in an extraordinary and never casual way with all the others, offering the personal and precious possibility to choose which perfume to breathe around you.

"Once you have chosen your fragrance, the next step is to diffuse it in a natural and permanent way."

So, to make you forget the smoke, the not always pleasant smells of the kitchen and that vague hint of enclosure that city heating often brings with it, we offer a small collection of aromas.

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