Plisson Genuine Badger

Plisson 1808 Ivory Acetate Handle & Russian Grey Original Genuine Badger Shaving Brush





This superb shaving brush is made in France with ivory acetate, turned in the mass. It is a solid material that is pleasant to the touch and ensures a reliable grip. 

Halfway between pure Black and European Grey in terms of its properties, the Russian Grey hair is the most accessible in our range. Robust and firm, this hair stimulates and exfoliates your skin in depth with each use. It has an emulsifying power that allows you to obtain a thick lather and is ideal for medium-hard beards or people looking for an invigorating and pleasant shaving experience. 


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Russian Grey



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Shaving brushes





1/ With the beard soap: make light circular movements with a shaving brush subtly moistened with warm water, until you obtain a creamy lather. Continue these circular movements for 1-2 minutes when applying the lather to your wet face. This makes shaving easier because it stimulates the skin, softens the beard hair and straightens it.

2/ With the shaving cream: place a dab of cream directly on a shaving brush slightly moistened with warm water, in a shaving bowl or on wet skin. Then spread the cream in circular movements for 1 to 2 minutes to prepare the skin. When the shaving brush comes into contact with the cream, an emulsifying reaction is formed, creating a protective and moisturising layer. 



Maintain your shaving brush by removing any traces of cream or soap after each use, rinsing it with warm water. Squeeze the bristles between your fingers, then gently rub them on a clean, dry towel to remove any remaining moisture. Once you've done this, you can store the shaving brush on your stand, preferably upside down to remove any remaining moisture.

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