Plisson 1808 Antique Shaving Brush - "High Mountain White" Fibre





The design of this model is one of the oldest imagined by Plisson. Made in France with nickel-plated copper, it offers an atypical but ergonomic shape, which ensures a balanced, reliable and pleasant grip. 

This beard brush is filled with a tuft of "High Mountain White" synthetic fibre, specially adapted to sensitive skin. This fibre comes as close as possible to the intrinsic characteristics of natural hair and offers unrivalled softness and suppleness, while being incredibly resistant. 

This product respects the specific PLISSON assembly in every respect and is assembled by hand in our workshops. 


Product Details



Noble metals



Plisson Fibre

"High Mountain White" Fibre



Type de produit

Shaving brushes





1/ With the beard soap: with a shaving brush slightly moistened with warm water, make light circular movements on the soap until you obtain a thick foam that you then spread on a wet face for 1 to 2 minutes. This movement stimulates your skin, activates blood circulation and helps to soften and straighten the beard hair for a perfect result. 

2/ With the shaving cream: place a small amount of cream on a shaving brush moistened with warm water, on previously wet skin or in a shaving bowl and spread the cream in circular movements for 1 to 2 minutes to prepare the skin. You will find that an emulsifying reaction is created, leaving your skin with a protective moisturising layer that reduces the risk of irritation from shaving.  



Rinse your shaving brush with lukewarm water after each use, taking care not to leave any traces of cream or soap. Then wring out the hairs between your fingers and gently rub them on a clean, dry towel to remove any remaining moisture. Once you've done this, put the shaving brush back on its stand, preferably upside down, to allow it to dry freely.  

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