BotexPharma Massage Candle Energy Rosemary and Silver Fir Massage Candle 100 gr




100% Natural Cosmetic        Energy Candle

100% vegetable wax, made from soybean oil. Massage candle with organic essential oils of rosemary and silver fir. Innovative product to be used as a treatment to resolve any ailments of the body and mind. The essential oils contained are 100% natural, each with a targeted active ingredient. Rosemary essential oil strengthens the sense of identity and spiritual strength, helps concentration and memory, awakens courage and willpower. Silver fir essential oil (in traditional Ayurvedic medicine) is used as a natural analgesic. The stimulating nature of the oil increases the healing rate by shortening recovery times. Pamper your body and your senses!


To be used as a treatment to resolve any ailments of the body and mind


Shea butter, soy wax, sweet almond oil, essential oils

How to use: 

Light the candle 15 minutes before the massage. Turn off the heat and pour a few drops of liquid oil into the palm of your hand. You will notice that it is lukewarm, and you can use it immediately and start the massage until completely absorbed.

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