BotexPharma Massage Oil POWER Pre - Invigorating Stimulating Massage Oil 100 ml




100% Natural Cosmetic  Massage Oil POWER

Blend of oils and Vitamin E for invigorating and stimulating massages. This set of active ingredients has excellent nourishing and stimulating qualities of the skin's trophism. It penetrates deeply promoting skin regeneration. Avocado oil makes the skin soft and supple, thanks to apricot oil with its emollient and regenerating properties, the skin will appear more nourished. Sweet almond oil is a natural remedy for chapped skin on hands and feet and an excellent emollient product for the skin of the body. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties that make it a powerful remedy against pathogens that can attack the epidermis and cause infections.


Invigorating and stimulating oil, nourishing qualities for the trophism of the skin


Avocado oil sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, O.E rosemary, O.E bergamot, natural preservative.

How to use: 

Apply all over the body until completely absorbed.

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