Faby M2 Hand Cream 100ml




Hand Cream moisturizing, protective cream for hands and nails with City Filter. Soft nourishing, moisturizing and soothing cream with a light and easily absorbed texture, creates a protective film that protects the skin of the hands from redness and aggressive external agents such as sun, cold and wind. Thanks to the active ingredients of Aloe Vera and hydrolyzed wheat proteins, Hand Cream is also the ideal Faby treatment for brittle and dry nails that constantly need nourishment and hydration. Contains City Filter.
An innovative synergy based on Manuka oil and Moringa butter with an antimicrobial and soothing action of the first combined with the emollient and repairing properties of the second to take care of the skin of hands and feet.


 "City Filter" protection
 Highly moisturizing action
 Delicate and enveloping fragrance
 Light and easily absorbed texture - Leaves no residue 


 M2Complex (Manuka oil and Moringa butter)
 Aloe Vera (antioxidant and regenerating)
 Panthenol (moisturizing, soothing, emollient)
 Hydrolyzed wheat proteins (softening, moisturizing, strengthening) - Bisabolol (calming, soothing, anti-reddening)
 Sweet almond oil (nourishing, softening, elasticizing) 


Spread a small amount of Hand Cream on the back of the hand and continue with a beneficial massage from the fingers to the wrist until completely absorbed. You can give a wonderful moment of well-being by performing a relaxing or energizing massage by practicing the hand-held reflexology technique. 

Formulated without the addition of Parabens and Petrolates. Not tested on animals. Packaging in bottle of 100 ml. 

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