Plisson 1808 Black Steel Shaving Brush and Razor Holder





A superb black steel holder with a sober and pure design, which will accompany you in your daily life. This holder is very easy to use. It has two open rings, adjustable if necessary, so that you can store both your shaving brush and your razor. 

Manufactured in France, like all Plisson products, this stand will be an ideal gift for a loved one. Whether he or she is a shaving novice or a shaving connoisseur, if you want to give something memorable, both sumptuous and functional, this shaving set is the ideal gift. It's the perfect accessory to display and store your shaving tools efficiently, and make the moment a joyous one. 


Product Details


Type de produit

Shaving accessories





Hang your shaving brush upside down in the larger hook of the shaving brush caddy to make it easier to hold and easier to clean after use. Rinse the shaving brush with clean water after use to remove any traces of cream or soap. Then drain, gently rub the hair against a towel and leave to dry on the holder. Hang your shaver, which has been cleaned after use, in the small hook.



Do not use abrasive products to clean your holder. If necessary, wash it with soapy water and wipe it with a towel or soft cloth. 


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