Plisson 1808 Boule Solid Brass Palladium Fusion Razor





Relatively heavy but well-balanced, this razor is handcrafted from solid brass coated with a layer of bright, white, stainless Palladium, a metal from the platinum family. It is characterised by its sober and refined design: a thin and round handle, typical of the Boule collection, decorated with four engraved stripes at its end. 

This model is compatible with the Gillette Fusion head, which offers a comfortable and very efficient shave, thanks to its 5 blades.

This razor comes beautifully packaged and can be complemented with the matching shaving brush and holder. It is made and assembled in France in our workshops.


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Noble metals

Razor Blades




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Gifts, Razors





Shave in the morning, just after the shower and preferably before breakfast. Thanks to the humidity, the hairs become softer and easier to cut, and the skin of your face is less sensitive to the passage of the blade: the risks of irritation are thus reduced. 

Prepare your shaving foam by loading the shaving brush with soap or shaving cream. Using products known as "Preparation for shaving" provides better hydration of the hair and effectively protects the skin from the aggression of the blade. Apply the foam to your wet face using circular movements to straighten the hair. Shave in the direction of the hair, limiting the number of strokes of the blade to avoid irritation. If you want a cleaner result, re-sweep your face and shave, this time, in the opposite direction of the hair.

Rinse your face with cool water and apply an aftershave balm to soothe and rehydrate the skin.

You can start your day!



If you feel that the blade of your razor is less effective, replace it. Don't hesitate to check its sharpness regularly (at least once a month). 

Always clean the razor with hot water after each use to remove hair and other residues (shaving cream, soap, etc.) trapped between the blades. This prevents the growth of bacteria.

When the blade is thoroughly cleaned, it retains its sharpness and effectiveness for longer, giving you a real pleasure during shaving.


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