Plisson 1808 Brush and Razor Holder





A magnificent shaving brush and razor holder in solid brass with a 24-carat gold finish, which elegantly holds your shaving accessories. Its sober and elegant design brings a modern touch to your bathroom.

  • The large hook is suitable for shaving brushes from size 10 to size 16 (with a diameter of 20 to 24 mm), hanging "head down".
  • The small hook is compatible with the entire range of Plisson shavers.

This indispensable accessory, stable and discreet, ensures optimal storage while highlighting your splendid shaving kits.

It is made in France with noble and durable materials.


Product Details



Noble metals  


Or 24 carats





To preserve the qualities of your beard brush for as long as possible, we suggest that you rinse the bristles well after each use, to remove any traces of cream or soap. Then drain and rub them gently against a towel before storing the brush upside down on a suitable stand.

To prevent the blade from becoming worn, remember to check its sharpness regularly and change it if it becomes worn. Rinse the blades of your shaver after each use to remove accumulated residue and prevent the growth of bacteria. A well-maintained blade ensures a close and pleasant shave.



If necessary, wash your stand with soapy water and wipe it with a towel or soft cloth.


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