Plisson 1808 Cedar Wood Candle





Comforting, Sensory, Woody and Tonic  

A rare fragrance inviting to a unique sensory journey, the cedar reveals a tonic and dry perfume, a subtle harmony between green and resinous notes.

Made in France

Dive into the world of Plisson 1808 with these scented candles, designed with refinement to perfume and decorate your home. 

The Plisson 1808 Candle Collection features three of the most popular woody scents: Oud, Amber and Cedar. Choose one or two candles, combine them and create an olfactory journey that can be reinvented according to the combinations.

Contained in a sublime matte black glass, each candle is made from the most luxurious ingredients used in the manufacture of scented candles. 

Net weight: 180 g - Can burn for 45 hours.

Recenter the wick if necessary after extinction. The wick should be a maximum of 1cm long.


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Candles, Gifts  



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