Plisson 1808 Gold Finish Shaving Brush, Razor and Bowl Boule Holder





A sumptuous 24 carat gold finish solid brass serving tray that will enhance your daily shaving routine. It fits shaving brushes from size 10 to 16 and most razors. This holder fits perfectly with products from the Boule collection and there is a special place for the flared shaving bowl. This holder has been carefully designed to match the aesthetics of your shaving accessories: brush, razor and shaving bowl. The gold finish makes it a unique item that will add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. In addition to its sleek design, this stand is intuitive: simply hang the shaving brush and razor on either side, and then store the shaving bowl in the dedicated slot. 

This stand is an exceptional French made product, like all Plisson products. It will make an excellent gift for both shaving enthusiasts and experts. If you want to make a memorable gift for a loved one, something elegant and functional, this shaving set is the ideal present. It's the perfect accessory to showcase and store your shaving tools, making it a moment of pleasure. 


Product Details



Or 24 carats  

Type de produit

Shaving accessories







Hang your shaving brush upside down in the largest hook of the shaving brush holder to make it easier to hold and to optimize its maintenance after use. After each use, rinse the shaving brush with clean water to remove any traces of cream or soap, drain and gently rub the hair against a towel, then leave to dry on the holder. Hang your razor in the small hook on the other side of the stand and rinse it after each use. Place the shaving bowl in the designated area and rinse it after use as well.



Avoid using abrasive products to clean your stand. If necessary, use soapy water and wash gently, then wipe with a towel or soft cloth. 


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