Plisson 1808 Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition





For the holidays, Plisson launches the Napoleon Gift Set in a limited edition of 200 pieces.

This gift set is perfect for the holidays and includes

- an original shaving brush in Lazuli resin inspired by Lapis Lazuli

- a black plexiglass servant

- a Limoges porcelain bowl

- a shaving soap

Our products are made in France and our handle is crafted by hand in the tradition of luxury. 

This set includes a shaving brush made and assembled by hand in France in Lazuli blue resin. We pay tribute to Napoleon who made Plisson famous by choosing the brand as its official supplier. 

The Emperor inspired the colours of this box, the Napoleon blue and the Lazuli resin inspired by Lapis-Lazuli, a stone that recalls the Egyptian campaigns whose discoveries inspired many artists and scientists of the time.

Of an extreme elegance, the blue of the Latin Lazuli which means azure, will be the ideal partner of the shaving of the modern Man!

The box is proposed in White High Mountain fibre for its qualities of durability and hygiene with a support for an optimal drying and a bowl with its soap to be ready to use. 


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Plisson Fibre

“High Mountain White” Fibre



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Shaving brushes and stands, Gift boxes, Gifts, Shaving brushes


Limited edition


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