Plisson 1808 Pneumatic Hairbrush Junior - Wild Boar and Nylon Pins





Pneumatic hairbrush junior model (18 cm), combining fine and long soft nylon bristles with real boar bristles, rigorously selected, for a perfect untangling and a relaxing scalp massage. The latter are known for their antistatic qualities and their ability to clean the scalp, removing impurities and excess natural hair grease. The bristles and pins are mounted on a latex pad that regulates the pressure exerted on the scalp during brushing. Your hair becomes healthy and shiny again. The handle, made of ABS, is ergonomic and very pleasant to handle. This practical format is ideal for enhancing fine or short hair and also your children's hair.

Also available in large and medium format. Sold with a fabric pouch for easy transport.


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Gifts, Skincare



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