Plisson 1808 Rose Wood and Chrome Finish Shaving Brush - “High Mountain White” Fibre - Joris





This magnificent shaving brush has a subtle combination of the pinkish and reddish colours of Rosewood and the slightly bluish reflections of the chrome finish. 

Rosewood is a 20 to 40 metre high tree discovered by botanists in 1925. It is named after the rare peculiarity of its bark, which has olfactory properties. 

Each slice of this precious species reveals a unique ribbing with pinkish hues, turning your shaving brush into an exceptional personal accessory. Varnished for better water resistance, this piece can be kept for many years and ensures a pleasant and ergonomic grip. It is filled with a removable synthetic fibre, imitating "High Mountain White": resistant, hygienic, supple, extremely soft and endowed with an emulsifying power that allows you to obtain a creamy shaving foam. 

Made in France and handmade by our craftsmen, this shaving brush is ideal for sensitive skin and adapted to the vegan lifestyle. It is an iconic shaving accessory, perfect for those who love beautiful wood.  


Product Details



Precious Wood, Noble metals



Plisson Fibre

“High Mountain White” Fibre




Laiton chromé

Type de produit

Shaving brushes





1/ With the beard soap: With a shaving brush slightly moistened with warm water, make subtle circular movements on the soap placed at the bottom of the bowl, until you obtain a creamy lather. Be careful not to damage the brush during this step. Finally, apply the lather to your wet skin in circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes. This will stimulate your skin, soften and straighten your beard hair, making shaving easier.

2/ With the shaving cream: With a shaving brush subtly moistened with warm water and on a wet face, place a dab of cream on the hairs, in a shaving bowl or directly on each cheek and proceed to spread it out using circular movements. An emulsifying reaction will occur automatically, creating a creamy, moisturising and protective lather. 



Always rinse your shaving brush with warm water after each use to remove any traces of cream or soap. Then, squeeze the bristles between your fingers to remove any moisture and gently rub them on a clean, dry towel before storing your shaving brush upside down in its holder.  

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