Plisson 1808 Shaving Brush and Razor Holder - Nickel-Plated Brass





Stylish but discreet design stand for a shaving brush and razor. Made of solid brass with a nickel finish, it has two closed rings, 20 mm diameter, accommodating all the razors from the Plisson collection and many others. The open ring will hold a shaving brush in its upside down position. You can adjust it by tightening or spreading the open ring. Well suited for brushes from size 10 up to size 18, with maximum diameter under the knot not to exceed 26mm. Made in France.


Product Details



Laiton nickelé    





To maintain the quality of your shaving brush for many years, we recommend rinsing it thoroughly after each use to remove all traces of cream or soap and then draining it. Then rub it gently on a towel before putting it upside down on a suitable stand. Regarding your razor, we recommend to rinse it thoroughly after each use, to dry it and then store it on a suitable stand.

If necessary, wash your stand with soapy water and dry with a towel or soft cloth.


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