Plisson 1808 Shaving Brush Holder





Essential for a perfect maintenance of your brush and drying "upside down." This stand in nickel plated brass, elegant and discreet, is designed to hold shaving brushes from size 10 to size 18, which can be held at the base of the knot. The fork is adjustable and compatible with all Plisson brushes, as well as other brands of brushes whose diameter at the base of the knot does not exceed 26 mm. To adjust the stand to your shaving brush, simply tighten or gently loosen the two arms. Our stand assures perfect storage, draining any remaining water while, while avoiding the deformation of bristles during drying. Hand made in France.  


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To maintain the quality of your shaving brush for many years, we recommend rinsing it thoroughly after each use to remove all traces of cream or soap and then draining it. Then rub it gently on a towel before putting it upside down on a suitable stand



If necessary, wash your stand with soapy water and dry with a towel or soft cloth..


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