Plisson 1808 Two-Tone Boule Holder for Shaving Brush, Razor and Bowl in Palladium and Gold Finish





This sublime holder in solid brass and Palladium and Gold finishes, two exceptional noble materials, follows you in your daily life. Efficiently store all your shaving instruments on a single support, meticulously created to have a refined design and to accommodate both your shaving brush, from size 10 to size 16, your razor and your shaving bowl. Dazzling and ergonomic, you can hang your various accessories in the dedicated spaces on either side of the servant for easy access. 

This French-made product will please the person who uses it. This shaving set is perfect as a gift for a loved one, whether they are a beginner or an experienced shaver. It is a sumptuous and functional gift with which you can efficiently store your shaving accessories and display them majestically in your bathroom. With this servant, you can make shaving a special experience. 


Product Details



Or 24 carats, Palladium

Type de produit

Shaving accessories







Hang your shaving brush upside down in the larger hook to make it easier to hold and clean after use. Rinse the shaving brush with clean water to remove any traces of cream or soap, then drain and gently rub the hair against a towel. You can then leave it to dry on the stand. Insert your cleaned razor into the small hook on the other side of the stand. Finally, store the clean shaving bowl in the reserved place.  



Do not use abrasive products to clean your stand. Instead, use soapy water and wipe the holder with a towel or soft cloth. 


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