With SHAZAY Energizing Shampoo and SHAZAY Elastic Hair Fiber, you always have everything you need for a casual, undone look. Thanks to its rich and select ingredients, SHAZAY produces minimal foam while at the same time reliably cleansing and nourishing the hair even during the washing process. The Energizing Shampoo contains caffeine and stimulates circulation, providing a better supply of nutrients to the roots of the hair. The unparalleled quality of SHAZAY Elastic Hair Fiber holds your hairstyle in place while ensuring it stays flexibly malleable at the same time: You have the perfect styling tool ready at any time. It makes your hair silky smooth and gives it a natural shine.

SHAZAY gives men’s hair what it really needs.


Gift set consisting of:

  • SHAZAY Energizing Shampoo, 250ml
  • SHAZAY Elastic Hair Fiber, 100ml

and the SHAZAY gift box.

 Dermatologically tested: Excellent! Each of our products is independently dermatologically tested. We work on every SHAZAY product until our compositions yield optimum results. This also means that SHAZAY Enriching Care Shampoo is especially well suited for sensitive scalps.

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