The ideal care for weakened and stressed men’s hair, paired with the fusion of gel and wax for youthful shine and a flexible, perfectly textured hairstyle.

Each day, our hair is stressed by environmental pollutants and aggressive UV rays. Thanks to the caffeine it contains, SHAZAY Energizing Shampoo promotes circulation in the scalp, cleanses deeply and nourishes the hair. It restores the hair’s youthful shine and leaves it silky smooth. As the finishing touch, Brilliant Shine Gel Wax gives you the flexible hold that can only be achieved by combining the benefits of gel and wax in a single product. For perfectly styled hair without the sticky feel.


Gift set consisting of:

  • SHAZAY Energizing Shampoo, 250ml
  • SHAZAY Brilliant Shine Gel Wax, 100ml

and the SHAZAY gift box.


No animal testing, no animal cruelty – cosmetics testing on animals has been banned in the EU since 2013. Unfortunately, this took much too long! No animals were ever subjected to testing or cruelty for SHAZAY. We research and produce our products exclusively in Germany. When it comes to selecting our suppliers we are very restrictive and make the same demands of them that we do of ourselves.



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