The perfect care for stressed hair, paired with the ideal fusion of gel and wax for a flexible, perfectly textured hairstyle and youthful shine. Thanks to our diamond filtering process, SHAZAY is not just a shampoo, it is a true essence! It cleanses the hair gently, enriching it with highly effective nourishing substances even during the washing process. Even thick, unruly hair becomes tame and silky smooth. Enriching Care Shampoo also combats the stress to which our hair is exposed on a daily basis, repairing minor damage and nourishing the hair to restore shine and vitality.

As the finishing touch, Brilliant Shine Gel Wax gives you the flexible hold that can only be achieved by combining the benefits of gel and wax in a single product. For perfectly styled hair without the sticky feel.


Gift set consisting of:

  • SHAZAY Enriching Care Shampoo, 250ml
  • SHAZAY Brilliant Shine Gel Wax, 100ml

and the SHAZAY gift box.

Dermatologically tested: Excellent! Each of our products is independently dermatologically tested. We work on every SHAZAY product until our compositions yield optimum results. This also means that SHAZAY Enriching Care Shampoo is especially well suited for sensitive scalps.


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